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Company introduction

Hangzhou Jianmo Technology Co. Ltd specialize in silicon carbide membrane preparation and application technology development. We took the lead in breaking the monopoly of foreign companies, applied for the invention patent of silicon carbide membrane in 2013, and this  patent was authorized in 2016. We are  the first company to acquire independent intellectual property rights of silicon carbide membrane in China. Our dense multi-channel silicon carbide membrane with the single filtration area can reach 5.5-9.0 which is at the leading international level, we are the second company in the world that can prepare dense multi-channel silicon carbide membrane products.

JmTech has great experience in providing state-of-the-art technologies for gas and liquid filtration based on our revolutionary Silicon Carbide Membranes。 The performances of the membrane, such as rubbing resistance, smoothness, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, have reached the top level of similar products in the world。The separation accuracy of our silicon carbide membrane is higher than that of similar products in the world, especially its super hydrophilicity, oil repellency and porosity exceeding 50%。 Therefore, the separation flux is larger than that of international similar products, which is higher than that of alumina ceramics 3--5 times。 Silicon carbide membrane is the only choice for high temperature, strong acid, high oil, strong alkali and other special industries。 It is also the most cost-effective choice for separation and purification in the fields of biological manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, natural product extraction, fermentation, waste water treatment and reuse。

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