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It can provide the whole process separation process equipment development, process design and equipment development; provide silicon carbide membrane separation equipment rental, phased service; provide BOT/BOO and other services; provide the development of membrane separation process equipment development, process design and equipment development, provide silicon carbide membrane separation equipment lease, stage service, provide BOT/BOO and other services. As an additional service to customers, membrane technology can provide testing equipment for customers free of charge, and provide reference for the best way to determine process flow and penetration quality. Therefore, the process flow can be determined easily and reliably.

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Hangzhou Jianmo Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Hangzhou Jianmo Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the development of the most durable membrane materials-silicon carbide film and its filtration and separation system equipment, with its own intellectual property rights of Silicon carbide film products and technology, can provide customers with better separation systems and cleaner water or materials. The company took the lead in breaking the international monopoly. The patent for the invention of pure silicon carbide membrane preparation technology was applied in 2013 and was authorized in 2016. The intensive multi-channel silicon carbide membrane developed by the company and the innovative special separation system have been applied in the tobacco industry, which has promoted the development requirements of the tobacco industry to "enhance the fragrance, protect the water, reduce the coke damage"; The products and technologies of the company can also be widely used in chemical process upgrading, separation and recycling of special materials, desalination pre-treatment, high standards of drinking water purification, sewage and wastewater in-depth treatment and reuse, etc.. The market prospects are wide. The company has a Silicon carbide film preparation and application technology R&D center, has the most advanced ultra-high temperature carbon composite material preparation equipment in East China, and jointly developed membrane materials and application technology development services with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Silicon Research Institute, Zhejiang University and Tianjin University.【+MORE】

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