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Dense multichannel silicon carbide membrane

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Dense multichannel silicon carbide membrane

Specification: Single root area 5-9 M2

Solid material: pH range 0-14, any concentration of oxidants, any concentration of chlorine resistance, any concentration of salt resistance, any concentration of organic solvents ...

Heat resistant to impact: Up to 800 °C, heat resistant impact performance is good, can steam washing and cooking regeneration.

Very hydrophilic: membrane isoelectric point pH 2.4, attracts water molecules, repels pollutants such as colloids

High filtration accuracy: covers microfiltration and ultrafiltration, minimum nanofiltration, standard aperture 10 nm, 20 nm, 40 nm, 100 nm, 500 nm。

Single film area of more than 5 M2: reduce pipeline and pipe parts investment, equipment covers a smaller area, easy to disassemble and maintain, investment savings, low operating costs。

Large flux: larger than any other membrane material

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