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Cutting fluid removal and regeneration equipment

Cutting fluid removal and regeneration equipment

The cutting liquid membrane method uses the principle of pure physical screening to remove miscellaneous regeneration, does not introduce other components, adopts a specific specification of Silicon carbide film, removes the metal chips, powder, oil and microbial filtration in the cutting liquid, and regenerates the dirty cutting liquid. Purify it into a clean cutting liquid.

Processing capacity:

Capacity of membrane separation system to treat waste cutting fluids: 0.1-1 M3 / day(related to cutting liquid brand, use time, composition concentration)

Purification regeneration effect:
1 The removal rate of miscellaneous oil reached 99.9 %, and the miscellaneous oil content was less than 3PPM;
2 Complete removal of solid particles, the content of solid particles above 0.1 micron is 0;
3 Filtering the vast majority of bacteria, bacterial removal rate of 99。5 or more;
4 The cutting performance, cooling performance, lubrication performance and anti-rust performance of cutting liquid before and after purification have not changed, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling.
Performance index of cutting liquid filter depth declutter regeneration equipment:
1 The appearance is bright and oily;
2 0.1 μm hard particle removal rate ≥ 99.5 %;
3 bacterial removal rate ≥ 99 %;
4 Miscellaneous oil content is less than 3PPM;
5 The performance of cutting, cooling, lubrication, and rust prevention before and after cutting liquid purification has not changed, and the purpose of recycling is achieved.
Cutting liquid precision filtration depth removal and regeneration equipment-eight major advantages:
1 No need to add a drug
The core adopts membrane separation technology, pure physical separation technology, no addition, and the active components of the cutting liquid are not destroyed and preserved. It is safer and more reassuring.
2 Accurate removal
The membrane group uses a special ceramic material, the Silicon carbide film。 The membrane tube with specific accuracy can fully remove tiny impurities and oily mud particles, and can ensure that the effective ingredients are fully penetrated;
Long life span
Membrane core material life of more than 10 years, no need to replace normal use, regular regeneration treatment, long-term possession of very low costs;
4 Continuous production and anti-blockage function are high
Silicon carbide membrane has a high anti-blockage function, and the production continuation type can reach 24 hours of continuous stable flux, and the flux can be restored after production is discontinued.
5 Easy to clean
No need for frequent cleaning, cleaning frequency to Zhouwei unit, cleaning using tap water can be;
Automatic skimming
Automatic oil slick cleaning membrane separation system, improve filtration efficiency;
7 Highly automated
Easy to use, automatic operation, easy to operate, no need for personal care;
8 Low Energy Consumption
The energy consumption is saved, the system power is only 0。55 kilowatts, and the frequency conversion control is adopted, which is very energy-saving。
Services and Commitments:
1 1 whole machine quality assurance for 1 year, membrane quality assurance for 10 years, membrane quality assurance during the provision of paid regeneration services;
Provide detailed system operation and maintenance manual, provide design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation training and other one-stop services。
3 provides a complete after-sales service, provides the system daily operation, maintenance process of the full range of technical services, timely provide system upgrade information, so that you get the best operation and maintenance technology.

(4) Enter the company's long-term maintenance system, conduct regular customer visits and free equipment medical examinations, and provide more comprehensive and considerate after-sales service in a timely manner according to customer needs。



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