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Tablet silicon carbide film

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Tablet silicon carbide film

Tablet silicon carbide film

The membrane layer and substrate of our flat membrane are made of Gaochun(SiC) and are characterized as follows:
The filtration accuracy is 0。1 micron; Super water, oil resistance, anti-scaling;
<UNK> Two-sided external filtration, intermediate convergence, small process resistance; Asymmetric structural membrane layer;
Vacuum or gravity drive; Extruded rubber seal, simple structure and reliable seal

The Silicon carbide sheet film is sintered by Gaochun silicon carbide powder at high temperature and is the best membrane material for hydrophilicity and pollution resistance.
Large flux, pollution resistance, scale resistance, long service life

Excellent corrosion resistance of Silicon carbide sheet film:
<UNK> can work under extreme conditions and tolerate pH 0-14;
Durable and reliable operation;
It is very easy and fast to realize flux regeneration;
It is resistant to strong oxidants and has strong weathering resistance.


The advantages of Silicon carbide flat film MBR device:
Large flux, pollution resistance, scale resistance, low operating cost and long service life

Treatment Effect


Structure diagram of Silicon carbide sheet film purification equipment

Silicone film specifications:
Piece size:
L = 530mm/1050mm; W = 196mm

Single component:
Filter area can be customized from 2-100 M2.
Filter system size:
Filtering system area from 10-9000 M2, can be combined to any area


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