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Graphene inorganic membrane

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Graphene inorganic film

Graphene is the most subversive new material found in the 21st century. The two-dimensional sheet structure of single atom layer formed by the hybridization of carbon atoms with SP2 makes graphene have unique properties in many aspects. It has been widely used in belt electronics, military industry, aerospace and other fields. The unique properties of graphene also provide high performance ultrafiltration materials for industrial water purification.

Graphene oxide film in water environment can form about 0.9nm wide channel when it is in close contact with water. Ions or molecules smaller than this size can pass through quickly. Through mechanical means to further compress the size of the capillary channel in the graphene inorganic membrane, control the size of the pore diameter, can effectively filter.

Graphene is applied in silicon carbide film by hard film technology to prepare carbon graphene silicon carbide film. Because graphene has super antibacterial and antibacterial functions, the hard film graphene silicon carbide film has more superior antibacterial and good barrier functions.

For high demand, water produced by nanotechnology treatment exists in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas industries. This has led to the global presence of well-defined nanotechnology in the water treatment market. As it is used in water treatment and purification processes, the relevant market is expected to grow in the future.

In addition to membranes, nanoparticles are also very effective in promoting water treatment processes in the water treatment market. Nanomaterials in the form of particles have many characteristics. These characteristics make them an effective medium for the treatment process. Features include:

• ability to facilitate rapid chemical reactions

• high durability, stability and strength values

• ability to change physical, biological and chemical properties

High surface area and small volume

In the nanotechnology of the water treatment market, membranes, nanowires, magnetic nanoparticles and other catalysts can be used to accelerate water purification.

Pharmaceutical industry

Graphene film plays an important role in the water treatment process involving the removal of pollutants and softening. This is crucial in drug production. With the improvement of health care level, the demand for high-quality drugs is also increasing.

Oil and gas

In the extraction of oil and natural gas, a large amount of water treated by new technologies such as graphene technology is needed. The purpose of lubrication, cooling, drilling and cleaning mainly involves the treated water.

Electricity generation

In order to achieve the above purpose in the process of power generation, treated water is used. With the development of industrialization and urbanization, the demand for electricity, mainly power, is also surging. As a result, the power generation is larger than before, and the company needs a lot of pure water.


Graphene technology can be expensive to build in water treatment for industrial purposes. This is the key factor to restrict graphene technology in water treatment. However, the company hopes to change this situation by investing heavily and reducing installation costs. This can help technology overcome challenges.

Like any other field of science, graphene technology changes every day as new inventions and innovations affect its functional modules.

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