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Tobacco Extraction Extraction Extraction and Enrichment Equipment

Tobacco Extraction Extraction Extraction and Enrichment Equipment

    The advantages of Silicon carbide film purification and concentration of tobacco extract
The most prominent feature is good pollution resistance。
At present, the common ceramic film product on the market has an isoelectric point of 5。6, which happens to be within the range of 5 to 6 electrical points such as tobacco extract。 Contaminants in tobacco extract are strongly adsorbed and deposited on the membrane surface, resulting in severe membrane flux failure。 And it is difficult to recover with regular cleaning methods。
Silicon carbide film products, whether they are substrate or filter layer, are made of Gaochun silicon carbide raw materials with an isoelectric point of 2。2。 Therefore, pollutants in tobacco extracts are completely excluded from the Silicon carbide film surface, and only conventional cleaning methods are required。 Can allow the membrane flux to achieve recovery。
After the membrane separation, the tobacco extract liquid is as pure as Coke, and the residue is turbid, viscous, and yellow in color. Combined with the special process design, the product yield rate is 100 %, basically achieve full recovery.

Removal, Functional Separation and Concentration of Tobacco Extraction Liquid Membrane Method
The Silicon carbide film + ultra-polarized tablet RO film is used to achieve the removal and concentration of tobacco leachate。 The entire process is carried out at room temperature without phase transition, retaining all natural components, and the leachate solid content is concentrated from 8-17 % to 30-43 %。
Achieving results:

1 to improve product quality, remove proteins, cellulose, starch, pectin and other large molecular components, achieve damage reduction, Coke, fragrance and moisturizing;
2 Save energy consumption, compared with steam evaporation, the operating cost is reduced to less than one-third;
3 Through the interception of different molecular weight membranes, the precise separation of functional components of tobacco leachate can be achieved, and the product customization can be better achieved。
Experiments on the production process of tobacco leachate by membrane method:
The test confirmed that: the energy consumption of the tobacco extraction liquid by the whole membrane method is 21.1 degree electricity, and the energy consumption of the ton water evaporation is 30.2 degree electricity from the perspective of evaporation, and the electricity bill is 0.8 yuan per meter, the membrane method is used to concentrate instead of evaporation. The energy consumption of tons of water evaporation is about 24 yuan.

Process recovery of white water from tobacco and paper production
Silicone membrane directly filter papermaking white water, reduce waste water discharge, remove impurities such as cellulose, fillers, colloids, recover small molecules such as nicotine, and achieve water recycling in the workshop.

  Project Cases

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