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Pipe silicon carbide film

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Pipe silicon carbide film

Pipe silicon carbide film


The Silicon carbide film + organic membrane integrated membrane separation process system has unique advantages such as high separation and washing accuracy, good filter quality, high throughput filtration, high product recovery rate, low wastewater discharge, low cleaning frequency, and no need to add additives. The desalination and pre-concentration of the target products can be widely used in biofermentation enterprises such as glutamic acid, lysine, threonine, tryptophan, citric acid, diacid, iaconic acid, and vitamin C.
Membrane separation technology advantages:
The separation precision can be customized to meet the multiple precision separation requirements of different types of materials
High separation precision, stable filter quality and high recovery rate
Large filtration flux and long cleaning period;
The activity of fermentative bacteria is guaranteed, and the integrity and activity of bacterial cells are above 95 %
Without adding additional separation Auxiliaries, concentrated substances(mycelium, proteins, polysaccharides, etc.) can be used as resources and become waste.
Significant reduction of production wastewater emissions and subsequent sewage treatment load
Reduce the production load of subsequent processes such as ion exchange, evaporation and concentration


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